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Who are we?

We are proud that we hand-craft each bar from scratch and we guarantee each bar is 100% American made!

The Shepherd’s Heart cottage industry began in 1999 when two dear friends Pat & Celeste, Kinder Goat shepherdesses, took a soap making class. It was so much fun, and hand-made Kinder goat milk soap offered such a quality product that we spent our first year making gifts for family & friends. At the end of the year as we were wrapping our handcrafted collections we were asked, “When are you going to sell it?” We sold our first soaps that year and through blessed and difficult times Shepherd’s Heart has continued to produce heavenly beauty products at an affordable price.


Our Farms

Our farms are both located in the great Pacific Northwest.   Our Kinder does, bucks, and kids have lush pasture to browse, pure water to drink, and clean barns in which to sleep with lots of love. The Kinder goat was established in 1988. It is a medium size goat, a cross between a Nubian known for their high butter-fat (4-9%) bringing you a rich lathering & silky soap, and a Pygmy goat, known for their meat. Kinder Goats are known for their wonderful personalities much like a Golden Retriever!

Each Kinder doe is personally named.  They all are tenderly, gently, and humanely raised. Each doe is hand-milked by dairy handmaidens rising at dawn and retiring late at night to bring you fresh milk products “straight from the udder to you” each day.  We make batches of 50 soaps in up to five fragrances at a pour.  It takes about 5 hours of crafting to make Shepherds Hearts soaps and products.  Curing time ranges from 4 -12 weeks depending upon the bar.  A fully cured bar is a dense bar which means it will be long lasting for you!


Our Products

Each of our exquisite products are made from scratch. We use only the finest ingredients from around our farm & gardens and around the world to bring you a custom handcrafted product.  Our products are known throughout the Pacific Northwest as products of excellence.  We bring each of these products to you without a list of chemicals that you can’t pronounce and have no idea what they are doing to your body.

What is a Chip-Free animal?

The US government is attempting to heavily regulate small farms into extinction.  Small farms have historically provided consumers with safe products.  The USDA is teaming up with international companies whose interest is not your health while making it more and more difficult for small , local farms to survive. The USDA is demanding each farm be registered; and each animal be electronically identified by a RFID chip. These chips can cause cancer in the animal. RFID is bad for animals and they are bad for you. The government also wants round the clock surveillance of all farms and animals.  It will soon be illegal to go down the road with your animal without the Nazi Animal Papers.  Local, small farmers are opposed to the Animal Disease Traceability scheme because it takes away from your historically safe food. We proudly display the Chip-free logo.

According to the Torah (the first five books of the Bible) the government and their private partners-in-crime want to put these RFID chips in the fat-tail of animals designated as sacrificial animals (cows, sheep and goats).  According to God the fat-tail is holy unto the Lord and not to be messed with even though there is no Temple or sacrifices these days. 

Our Philosophy

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth….and at Shepherd’s Heart as good stewards of our animals and the products we offer to our clientele.  We strive to keep the purity that God intended and only blend ingredients according to His Holy Word.  Purity means no-GMO, no pesticide-free, weed-free, and to the degree it is possible contaminate free.

At Shepherds Heart we are active and engaged opposing Agenda 21 which is a plan to conquer small farms and take them over by large global companies.  Once merged the large companies will dictate quality, marketing, and other factors that will endanger your health.  At Shepherd’s Heart we educated you on the issues and know that when given the facts you can make educated purchasing decisions on what goes on and into your body.  Your skin, after all, is the largest organ of your body.  Protect your skin by using untainted chemical cocktails. 

Shepherds Heart is also active in lobbying (no pay lobbying) for quality small agricultural interests.  There is war going on against private property ownership, especially small farm ownership.

Shepherd’s Heart soap artisans reflect on the study of original elements of which the world is composed; of products that result from the combination of these elements; of the qualities of the constituent parts of each compound; of each compound’s various uses; and of the signs of wisdom exhibited in its production, form, shape, proper functioning, and in the ultimate purpose for which it was created.

This means that our soap artisans must be aware and reflect upon the spiritual and physical elements of the world; its causes and effects; it rational and non-rational creatures;  its inert and active materials; its inanimate objects and plants; its higher and lower parts; and realizing the Creator assembled and ordered the world perfectly, divided it upon clear lines, and made it in such a way that it points to Him and reflects Him, just as the work of craftsmanship reflects the craftsman who created it.  You should know that the whole world is made up of material and spiritual, so intimately mixed and fused that each sustains the other, like body and soul in living creatures.

There is wisdom manifest in plants and minerals which are man’s disposal for the improvement of his lot-and in the various benefits which man extracts from from them, according to their different natures, constitutions, and qualities, The Early Ones discussed this subject in their books, in keeping with their understanding, “He discoursed about the trees: from the cedar that is the Lebanon to the hyssop that grows out of the wall.”  Melachim 1, 5:13

We at Shepherds Heart are so excited!  We are in the middle over packaging many new soaps that smell heavenly and are healthy too :-) 

Your support goes to help keep American farms up and running and most operating under true liberty (freedom)!

We are proud that we hand-craft each bar from scratch and we guarantee each bar is 100% American made!

Ancient of Days (Senior) 60 years and older and Veteran Discount is 5 %

Enjoy the purity of Shepherds Heart!

Pat and Celeste

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